December 18, 2020

Canals of the East

I built this build in 2018. It took around 8 months. It is probably my beest build to date. The water wave effect is made with 10x10 LEGO nets. Hope you enjoy. Please ignore the embarrasing things i wrote all over the build with brick letters, I was a bit... "cringey" back then.

The idea for this started in late 2017 when I played the Battlefield 4 campaign and got inspired by some of the Chinese maps. It has now changed a lot. I decided to remove all "conflict" elements, and made it purist (except the EG flag).


Geneva Durand @GenevaD

What an amazing layout! Splendid waves.

Ship Raider @ship_raider

Still probably one of my favourite builds of anyone’s. Excellent work gabe

Isaiah D. @Garmadon

Those waves really are stunning. Great job, mate!

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I am on Instagram and Gabe F on Flickr. I am very active on Instagram, Flickr not so much... All builds posted on my account are made by me.