May 15, 2021

MJK 'Ngurumu Mjukuu', Shieldcruiser-class Coastal Defence Ship

Ngurumu Mjukuu, or Thunderchild, one of many in her class. Based on the coral funnel-stripe, this ship belongs to the 1st Coastal Squadron "Moray Eel", circa early 1942. The Shieldcruiser is a common sight in Mpya Wahaya, cheap and easy to manufacture locally, but powerful and effective in the wars against the haram armies of the cannibals and dæmons surrounding the kawaii sparkle quarries of the Bistralian interior wastes. The unorthodox paint liverie was used to blend in with the coastal environment in which the ships almost exclusively operated.

Based heavily on a Danish design for a Coastal Defence ship in the mid-1930s that was never produced. 6" Secondary turrets have been replaced with 5.5" dual-purpose guns, and the anti-aircraft armament has been changed significantly. However, it otherwise remains faithful to the original design.

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