November 11, 2021

BCFR Special Operations 130

I am very happy to announce I will adding yet another truck to the south district fleet! While it has the South District colors and callsign number, Special Operations 130 is a truck shared by all 4 districts, and it is the primary Special Operations unit for the city, working closely with HazMat 222. SOCOM-130 also acts as our Light & Air you can bet this will be lit up like a Christmas tree!

Callsign: SOCOM-130

2020 Freightliner M2 SVI Medium Duty Chassis Cummins L9 350 EV Diesel generator Light towers 2 Winches Cascade air system BCECo Ventilation Fans BioHazard Waste containers BioHazard Spill Kits Gas and Radiation Detection Units 2x BCECo Thermal Cameras

Credit: @castlebeachfire for the two light towers.

@stud_county_interagency_fire suggested this be an Air Light truck, so that is part of it's job now.

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