May 29, 2022

Advance the Jäger

During the American Revolutionary War, British forces in North America were supplemented with auxiliaries from many German states, most notably Hesse-Kassel. These troops included Jäger companies. Jäger, a German word that translates to “hunter”, were recruited from huntsmen and foresters who were skilled in the use of rifled weapons normally used to hunt boar. They were skilled shots, self-sufficient in battle, and swift, able to efficiently load and fire a rifle, a skill which took greater dexterity than firing muskets. The Jäger differed in appearance from other Hessian troops, wearing a green jacket with crimson facings instead of the blue jackets of Hessian infantrymen. These Lego Jäger are printed by United Bricks. I have since read that the Jäger were not issued with bayonets, instead they had short swords, so forgive this inaccuracy on my part! The church is based on the Von Trap family chapel in Vermont - again not period appropriate! Basically I just wanted to show of my new Jäger!

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