February 26, 2023

Attempted Jailbreak, Fort Stockton, Wullham

Francis Goge had been nabbed by Corlander authorities the previous week. He was caught redhanded smuggling goods into Wullham without paying the requisite duties to the harbormaster.

Now, six days later, Goge lay in shackles in the cells at Fort Stockton in Wullham. Though promised a fair trial, his brothers didn't pay that much heed. He was guilty and everyone knew it.

A jailbreak was needed - and soon! The Goge brothers conferred with one another and decided that Fort Stockton was quite impenetrable from the land approach, so they threw together a quick raft and attempted to sneak near the building where their brother was held.

It wasn't going well.

SPLASH! A cannonball missed their raft by less than a meter. A detachment of redcoats ran down the dock and opened fire.


This build started as a way to play with brick bending to make fort towers. It was also a fun chance to make a nougat beach and incorporate sand red plates into the fort wall in an attempt to recreate the classic pirate panels.

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Evan C

AFOL from Boulder, CO who loves building Elightenment-era MOCs!