November 11, 2021

BCFR Truck 134 "The Black Pearl"

Hey everyone, this is Truck 134 "The Black Pearl"! A custom Designed HP-78, The Black Pearl is a ladder truck designed specifically for BCFR to respond to places in the city where one of the larger aerials can not fit. The lighting package may seem pretty tame, but trust me, I have some wild things in store for it IRL.

Callsign: ST-134

2018 E-One Typhoon HP-78 450 HP Cummins L9 470 water tank, 30 foam Hale Q-Max pump Pneumax CAFS Harrison hydraulic generator

I would like to thank a few people: First: @bignboostedcustomtrucks who suggested I change the outrigger system and @ace.bricks for help with the rear steps/slam door.

And of course, @castlebeachfire for file optimization so I don't kill my wallet!

The pump panel takes some elements from both Mike and Josh B. Thanks guys!

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Hi there! I am an AFOL From New Hampshire, USA. I build custom LEGO fire apparatus (usually with unique and crazy color schemes), and I am building a city called Brickford City. It is loosely based off Boston.