April 20, 2021

Cargo Frigate

A military cargo frigate, built for the same theme and faction as the utility cruiser and assault corvette I built a while ago, only now built digitally. It features multiple detachable cargo pods and is armed with several gun turrets, including the same turret as the assault corvette at the bottom. It also has multiple thrusters going in all directions, because of space being a vacuum and 'realism' and stuff.

I will probably have to think of some backstory for this theme one day, but for now it's just a spaceship.

It's my first time using Studio to render a LEGO model. Rendering this made me realise I needed a new CPU cooler. So even though I didn't actually buy any bricks for this, LEGO always finds a way to open up that wallet.

More on Flickr!

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