October 23, 2022

Engine 135

Callsign: SE-135 2022 E-One Typhoon Cummins L9 360HP Federal Signal Q siren Hale QFLO 1250 GPM 780 gallons of water 30 gallon foam

Story time!

2 days ago I sat down and decided to rebuild 135 without any computer assistance, to get back to my roots...and this is what I came up with, a 2022 E-One Typhoon with my favorite engine spec to date. Also tried out a new house bed design courtesy of Castle Beach Fire and I love it.

Lighting includes 2 Evan Designs Leds in the front, one of my Rogue Series 6 lightbars up top, 4 Luna Split Lights on the body and my newest Rogue Traffic Advisor in the rear. The roof pattern is inspired by pattern 12 on the FedSig Allegiant.

All controlled by my custom Pro Controller, and with cycleable TA patterns.

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Hi there! I am an AFOL From New Hampshire, USA. I build custom LEGO fire apparatus (usually with unique and crazy color schemes), and I am building a city called Brickford City. It is loosely based off Boston.