May 31, 2021

Fractured Kingdoms: Reunion

Master Sualib led Amilisë to the Islorien camp set up at the foot of the plateau that Sumarr was built on. The camp was surrounded by a simple wooden palisade, some with metal spikes, and wooden towers bearing a green and silver banner emblazoned with a unicorn. The guard at the open gate had a bored expression and waved them in with his sword. It was around noon.

Amilisë was a bit worried inside, but also excited. Sualib had told her that some people at the camp wanted to see her. She assumed that Mithnir was there or maybe even her cousin, Tyr. After going under the gate, the air was knocked out of her as Tyr gave her a giant bear hug and Mithnir added on with a light hug.

Mithnir cleared his throat, “Tyr, please don’t kill her, we just got her back.”

“Oh, sorry, it’s great to see you in one piece, Lisë!” Amilisë rubbed her ribs, they were still sore from the last few weeks of being a prisoner, almost dying in the desert, and take your prisoner to work day at the arena.

“What’s with the armor Mithnir?”

“I’m fighting in the siege, they needed more people and I’ve been travelling with them, because they had scouts out looking for you and the others. I have to prepare for the battle, I’ll leave you with Tyr.”

Mithnir nodded to Tyr and then walked off, the tension in his shoulders were released. “I don’t think he’s forgiven himself yet. Come, let’s walk.”

“So, I’ve heard you’re on some quest.”


“Any particular reason why”

“Not really, other than to not feel useless”

“Hmm, I’m starting to think Nimue sent you here for that reason. I had to get away from Dor Winion to find some purpose too.”

“Or just to get rid of me for a bit”

Tyr laughed, “Well, you could always come with me to the Vesendere.”

“Really?” Amilisë replied, she was always excited to spend more time with Tyr, he at least genuinely cared about her and was completely honest with her.

“Definitely! So, from what your friend Sualib’s told me, these creature’s dwell high up in rocky areas, and because of my position in the Airmail Guild I have access to a Caeliadon.”

“Sounds good. Does this place... um... have any food?” she said while waving her arm at the rows of tents and practice targets, then almost tripping over a stake.

“Why did I know you’d ask that!”

Tyr started laughing and playfully nudged Amilisë. She gave Tyr a wry smile in response. She’d truly missed him and was glad that he wanted to take her with him to the Vesendere.

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