February 3, 2021

Fractured Kingdoms: The Drawing

To the dismay of the slavers, both she and the other elf lived. Right now, she was chained to the floor of a flooded cell, waiting to get dragged into the arena again. She could see the sunlight through the slits in the grate above her. On the table, there was a hard hunk of bread, water, and an old piece of torn parchment. Amilisë grabbed the bread first and tore into, famished, then grabbed the parchment out of curiosity. “Interesting”, she whispered. The sheet had a rough sketch of an unusual creature on it. It had feathery wings and a long, serpentine body. She then finished the measly amount of bread and drank from the rough, clay cup before spitting it back out. bleach! She looked at the cup and disgustedly said “What is this?”, before tossing it at the wall. “When I get outta this desolate sandpit, I’ll see what this is”, she said while putting the scrap back onto the table.

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