December 17, 2020

GI-90 Aerospace Fighter: The Seeker

The GI-90, commonly referred to as a 'Seeker', is a specialized spacecraft designed and manufactured by the Galactic Imperium for atmospheric and interstellar warfare. The Seeker crafts were first manufactured in the year 2099 to better combat the rise of Aurelia, and were designed with the latest technological features in mind.

Seekers are equipped with multiple maneuverability engines all across their body, enabling smooth and efficient handling during spaceflight, as well as VTOL capabilities when operating within an atmosphere.

As the Seeker is a purely military aircraft, it lacks certain flairs often affiliated with fighters of its size and price. However, it more than makes up for it in other means, namely its many weapon systems. Up front are four Wilson 20 machine cannons, capable of firing enough high speed metal to shred through weak shielding and enemy armour.

Aside from this, the Seeker carries two side missile pods, each filled with eight ‘Fuelrod’ missiles, which gives the craft enough firepower to scare capital ships with weaker shielding. The Seeker also has two PR-10 'Stinger' Cannons facing to the left and right of the craft. These guns are controlled by various sensors and a small AI to deter purseying spacecraft or shoot down incoming projectiles.

But the real beast of the Stinger’s arsenal is it’s 568 Jukarne Lance. This massive piece of equipment is usually stored within the Seeker’s body for concealment, recharging and defensive purposes. However, it can be unfolded at a moment’s notice and be ready to unleash one of it’s incredibly powerful plasma shells at the enemy. Few shuttles can stand up to its raw destructive power when fired at full charge.

The Seeker then is an incredibly powerful, incredibly maneuverable and (with a Shield Level of 5) incredibly tough heavy fighter for the Imperium. Though only a handful have been launched so far, due to their expensive production cost, their strength should help turn the tide of the war against Aurelia very soon.

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