May 23, 2021

[H10 -Jedah- FF] Scouting out Jedah

The 88th Reconnaissance Corps had been sent to Jedah to scout out the area for Seperatist insurgents. So far they had found none. Chess and Sange had been sent off as forward scouts by their squad leader Hound. Chess sat mounted on one of the corps iconic AT-RTs, while Sange, Rho Squad’s sharpshooter, patrolled on foot.

The Morning sun sent glares off of their helmets and made scanning the surrounding area more difficult than usual.

“Chess, no clankas or unfriendlies here.”

“Practically deserted”

“When was the last time we checked in with Hound”

“Like an hour ago”

“Better contact him, he’s probably gettin’ antsy”

“Haha, I bet he is.”

-Hound this Chess, you copy?- -Affirmative-

-Nothing interesting here. The locals seem to be avoiding us-

-Can‘t blame them. You two are uglier than Banthas. Keep moving then, Report if you see anything-

-Will do-

“The sooner we get off this sand bucket, Chess, the better”

“What, don’t like sand?”

“Ya, it gets in my scope, makin’ it a lot harder to see anything.”

“Once you get that sand outta you’re scope, let’s scan the next block”

Built in 3 days for the Limited Time Challenge for EB Factions.

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