July 13, 2021

Hunting down Trandoshan Mob

Our mission was simple, we were to eliminate the Trandoshan gang. They were not hard to find, their headquarters were on Coruscant. Toner and I were sent to quietly take over their headquarters. We didn't know how many of them were there. I was stressed. Since losing the Jedi General, our missions had only gotten more dangerous and bloodier. After getting ready, a transport came to pick us up. They dropped us off near our destination. Toner and I began to take our positions. What we didn't know was that the entire area was armed with motion sensors. We were not lucky, by chance one of the sensors detected my position. The security guards in front of the main entrance started shooting at us. At one point I saw Toner get shot in the helmet. Luckily for us the helmet protected him from death but was unfit for further operation. Toner took it off and started to fight without it. My hands started to shake under the influence of adrenaline. I started to panic, all I could see was Toner's luxuriant hairdo. After a moment I got up and started firing. After a short exchange of fire the enemies fell to the ground dead. We knew the mission was a failure, we had to call for backup to prevent the Trandoshan gang leader Glukit from escaping...

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