April 5, 2021

Karrier Bantam water tanker

The Karrier Bantam is a British truck from the 1950s. It was in production through the 1970s. Despite this, there is almost no official information online. I found a measurement of the bed of a flatbed version and based all my dimensions on that.

I became aware of the Bantam's existence in Amman, Jordan, in the winter of 2020. Only a few days remained until the meme virus pandemic would send me on a 54 hour sleepless odyssey back home. I was in a taxi with three other American students, crawling our way through Dakliyah circle so we could get onto University street. Suddenly, barging its way through the sea of cars all 4 inches apart, was an ancient white truck that looked very out of place, even in a third world country's capital city. Most water in Jordan comes from rooftop tanks that have to be refilled every few days, so there's always someone who needs a water tanker. If I had to guess, the old man at the wheel was a Palestinian, because Palestinians (and Syrians, and Iraqis, refugees from Western proxy wars all) run the private sector while actual Jordanians get the public sector jobs.

Anyways, after class, I went back to my apartment and searched for a long time what this mysterious truck might have been. I don't miss Amman's traffic, somehow even worse than my city's, but I do miss the helpful locals (try knocking on a door and asking anyone for directions at 11pm in an American city), the great food, the lack of crime worse than petty theft, and daily calls to prayer from all three mosques within a kilometer of where I lived, that woke me up every day at 5am sharp. Yep... those were the days. Now I'm woken up by tweakers screaming into thin air as they come off their meth highs.

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