February 3, 2021

Larkspur, Hunting Lodge

Located in a forest and next to a lake in Mitgardia lies Larkspur. It thanks its name to the abundance of flowers in the area, mainly larkspur. Here Mitgardian noblemen can relax to the fullest. A nice swim in the water or go fishing. Of course a hunting trip is even more fun, poaching rabbits, shooting deer, or if you like danger, hunting bears!

When coming to the gates you can enter the main building through the kitchen. Here the smell of fresh bread welcomes the guests. Going upstairs it takes you to the main hall, where you can discuss politic matters, have a nice dinner or just relax with a pint near the fireplace. Need some rest, take the stairs to the master bedroom. If you need some other kind of rest, you can visit the shrine. To fully enjoy the view, take all the stairs to the top of the tower and enjoy the beauty of Mitgardia in summer.

Above the stables are the sleeping quarters of personnel, there's also a small jail and a weapons room in case the lodge needs to function as a fortress. Larkspur, you never want to leave this place!

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