December 24, 2020

Lond Daer - The Blue Dragon by the Sea

This cozy inn on the outskirts of Lond Daer is known by it's specially brewed blue wines. The Numenorian soldiers especially enjoy this wine after a hard day's work partroling the borders of this middle Earth city. Now war is imminent they'll never know if this is their last..

So when I started building Lond Daer early 2019 for the @secondagecollab I wanted to do my first interior ever. I haven't done any interiors before, so it was about time 😅

The interior was completed simultaneously with the rest of the build but wasn't clearly visible. So before Lond Daer was completely torn apart I had to redesign a section of the house to make the interior visible and take some beauty shots.

I hope you'll like what you see and I'll get back to work on my Venice Italy moc 😊

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