May 26, 2024

Maximilian robot from The Black Hole movie (1979)

As a break from long-build LEGO MOCs I wanted to start and finish one in a day. My usual subject is 1970-1980s pop culture nostalgia. So I whipped up this Maximilian robot from The Black Hole (1979) over 3-4 hours.

The head cone doesn't come in dark red, so a bit of colour adjusting, plus a photoshopped print on that piece to finish it off. Positioned to hide the support, in case you're wondering how it's standing.

Also, hi, first post here, found this site by way of BrickNerd.

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JP Hansen

AFOL from Auckland, New Zealand. Favourite MOC themes are related to pop-culture nostalgia. Worked behind the scenes on LEGO Masters NZ television show under the guidance of LEGO Certified Professional Robin Sather.