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December 31, 2022


Or as I prefer to call it, the Meme-21F-13. Because this plane is a meme.

This is the MiG-21F-13, the "final" version of the first generation of the plane. It only had a gunsight radar, plus a 30mm cannon and two missiles. While the most primitive, I think it's by far the best looking of the MiG-21 series, though I like all the 21s (SMT excluded, just too ungainly with that huge spine bulge).

This Meme-21 is in the colors of a certain Semitoid language speaking-nation, as you can tell by the serial number and inscription, which reads "Unity, Liberty, Socialism."

There's a few problems I wasn't able to solve, primarily with the wing. It's supposed to be a 57 degree delta, but I could only manage a 55 degree delta, and couldn't blend the wing roots as cleanly as I would have liked. The square nose isn't optimal, but the proportions are correct enough for this variant. The slim, tapered nose is a key part if the MiG-21F-13's looks, and getting that right was paramount. You can also see an awkward hole near the cannon mounting point on the underside. There's no way to fill that without compromising the internal stability even more than the cannon already compromises it. I think the upper spine structure is strong enough to support it. If it isn't, I have a version with a simpler cannon complex that would let this plane be swooshed without any risks at all.

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