May 14, 2021

Mission 1.1 Evacuation of Rhen Var| Bravo Base Reinforcments

"They've Breached Bravo Base we need Reinforcments before we're overrun!"

I took my squad and we're taken to Bravo Base by a Gunship to Enforce the Garison there. The Drop was hell, we had to fight us through waves of Battle Droids to arrive in the Command Center. As we arrived there, a Officer run towards us and said, their Soldiers need help to retire at the Northern Entrance. We ran to the north entrance, from distance I could already hear laser shots, explosions, screams and in the middle of this confused desperate voices.

"Watch out! Wave 4 is coming!"

"Where are the reinforcements?!"

"We have to withdraw! We can't stand it any longer!"

When we arrived the Captain thanked me and the rest of the soldiers withdrew. We were now the last line of defense for Bravo Base.

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