January 19, 2021

Modular Police Station MOC

Inspired by the 2021 modular, I decided to build my own modular police station. To make this officially a modular building I used a 32x32 baseplate, I restricted it to 3 floors (with stairs), and I even added a white lamppost outside so it would fit in with the rest of the series.

In terms of the station, I based it on a station house for a gritty, downtown, crime-ridden precinct, designing it to hold 1 detective squad and 1 squad of patrol officers with captains and sergeants offices.

The first floor has a reception area, with a briefing room in the center, and the holding cell/processing area to the far right. the detail even extends under the staircase where I put a printer for use by the receptionist.

The second floor is the bullpen, with 3 detective desk, each one uniquely detailed, as well as an interview room (top right corner) with an observation room below it and an evidence locker occupies the bottom right corner.

The third floor has a maintenance closet (with access to the roof via ladder). Across from that is a locker room, with the armory located right below it. The captain's office takes up the rest of the floor, with a small break room in the bottom right corner.

Picture 1= Front Picture 2 = Back Picture 3 = 1st Floor Picture 4 = 2nd Floor Picture 5 = 3rd floor

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