June 7, 2021

NMCSO F150 - Unit 5050

Ladies and gentlemen, the very first speed champs F-150 I have built IRL! Featuring a fully functional lightbar designed, soldered, and programmed myself.

The lightbar itself is made of a 3D printed 1x4 plate, specially designed to have shorter studs and holes inside to fit LEDs and help hide wires. The LEDs are driven by an adafruit Trinket M0 3v powered by a 6v dual coin cell battery pack.

The truck design itself has been an ongoing project of mine for about a year now, and getting it built IRL is an awesome accomplishment for me! The license plates are loosely modeled after those found on Sheriff vehicles here in New Hampshire, the decals were all designed in Gimp and Adobe Spark.

Credit to Sven (sponki25) for the rear-view mirrors!

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Hi there! I am an AFOL From New Hampshire, USA. I build custom LEGO fire apparatus (usually with unique and crazy color schemes), and I am building a city called Brickford City. It is loosely based off Boston.