March 30, 2021

Now Would be a Great Time to Run

The Dread Pirate Roberts had headed into Port Francis proper to purchase (or steal if coins were scarce) proper digging equipment, when he noticed a set of gallows. The bloody Nudorians had taken the town!

"Oi, you over there?! What business 'ave ye here?"

"I'm here to pick up some shovels."

"Shovels?", the officer asked, then it dawned on him.

"Fellas! It's one of 'em bilge rats! Get 'im!"

One of the captured pirates yelled,"Now would be a great time to run for it! And remember yer booty!"

"Thank ye!", he said hurridly, while making a mental note to get the rings.

Bullets ricocheted off of the buildings & Roberts ran down the path out of the plaza. "Maybe coming here was a bad idea", he thought to himself, whilst narrowly dodging flying bullets.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! Make sure to check my yt for a speedbuild coming soon! :)

Speed build:

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