February 1, 2023

OT-64 | SKOT

The OT-64 in Czechoslovakia, the SKOT (a Polish/Czech acronym meaning medium wheeled armoured transporter) in Poland, was a Czech-Polish armoured personnel carrier manufactured from 1963 through to the early 1970s. It saw use in Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Hungary, and has been sold to several African and Middle-Eastern countries as well as India and Uruguay. With a complement of 2 Crew + 10 / 18 passengers (depending on production model) and a top speed of 94 kph, it was and is an effective troop transport. Quite a few were sold to the private market in Poland and the rest of Europe and some are even civilian street-legal.

A revamp and series of re-renders of my older model, which can still be seen on my Flickr. New version has a shorter chassis in both length and height, and some better detail-work and sturdier innards. Yes, as in the last one, it does have functional steering and suspension. Bonus autumn camo at the end

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