September 9, 2021

Sentry Post

At small sentry post guarding the temporary quay at Port Wilks:

Sentry: I don't understand?

Customs Agent: What is there not to understand? The ETWC takes a payment in goods for every import into the settlement. It is really quite simple. Take this grain for example, the company claims a ten percent tithe. So that merchant was importing twenty sacks.

Sentry: But ten percent of twenty is 2 sacks? We took 5.

Customs Agent: Yes of course, but you forgot to include the fee for using this fine wharf.

Sentry: It's falling down!

Customs Agent: Hmmph, it is functional no?

Sentry: What is the fee then?

Customs Agent: I determined it to be one sack.

Sentry: Ok, so that is two for the company and one for the colonial administration. Who are the other two for?

Customs Agent: Ahh, glad you asked. That is a 'processing fee', for the customs representative of course.

Sentry: That is outrageous!

Customs Agent: (quite perturbed) How do you figure"

Sentry: Why you quite forgot the 'Security fee'! For the guards who diligently protect your important personage.

Customs Agent: Oh, well 1 and a half sacks 'processing fee', half a sack 'security fee'?

Sentry: (looks stern, shifts grip on musket) The processing fee is one sack.

Customs Agent: Deal.

Another typical day in Eslandola!

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