February 16, 2021

Star Wars Photoshop & Lightroom Testing

Greetings! Thought I would upload some of these recent testing photos of what I have been trying to work on and improve. These are also, of course, some sneak peek photos of what we will be posting soon. If you haven't checked out our content yet, click here to see more!

Hope you all enjoyed, and if you could, give us some feedback on any pointers or tips on what we could work on. We do enjoy the criticism. Hope you have a fantastic day/night! See ya' in the next one!

Director KW & CGN

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I'm Director KW who works along with a team called CGN. We hope that we can improve my building techniques and share what we have in store for all of you. We are all AFOLs and storytellers. We run our own SW series and hope to share tons of content.