February 25, 2024

Steampunk moving fortress

A mobile base on four big wheels slowly cruising a post apocalyptic wasteland, searching for resources. In this dystopian future, groups of survivors has to fight against animal beasts as well as other groups of people, to survive and to protect their supplies. Therefore, the base is armed with an extremely heavy minigun along with a lighter version and two double machine guns. This makes it possible to defend in all directions, against both air and land attacks. The base also features a crane, a telescope and living quarters. The sides of the vehicle can be folded up and down, to alter between protected sides and more surface area.

The living quarters is made with a modified Hagrids hut from Harry Potter, but the rest is completely moc.

The crew consists of five humans along with two minecraft chickens and an egg in steam powered exo suits, because why not. : )

The inside features a lego power functions motor that drives both the front wheels amd the heavy minigun. Gears and joints in the minigun's mounting allows it to move in all directions, while rotating. The rear wheels features a steering mechanism which along with the spin of the motor can be controlled with the levers in the back of the vehicle.

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Mr Goops

I'm, born 2005 and I live in sweden. I am a christian and I like science, especially chemistry. I rarely have time for lego nowadays, but I still enjoy building when I can. I appreciate new Ideas or building advice.