September 7, 2021

Ténotclaxcan Goodwill Trade Garden, Elysabethtown

Since the Eslandolans had first met the Ténotclaxcan society on the island of Berelli in 616 AE, they had fostered a great trading relationship with the native people. In the year following their meeting, residents of the town of Elysabethtown had constructed a Ténotclaxcan Goodwill Trade Garden near the town center to, as the name suggested, project their goodwill for their native neighbors.

However, in recent years the condition of the garden had deteriorated.

Two Eslandolan town guards mused between themselves, "Do you think we should be weeding this thing?"


Built with the sack seed part as an entry in the Brethren of the Brick Seas mini-challenge Faction Flavours.

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Evan C

AFOL from Boulder, CO who loves building Elightenment-era MOCs!