January 27, 2021

Tribute To Trebek!

With the tragic loss of Alex Trebek late in 2020 I felt I needed to do something meaningful as a tribute to the man and his legacy of knowledge, service, and entertainment. My wife and I watch Jeopardy every day so the show and Alex have become a fixture in our lives. The most appropriate idea, and the obvious one for me, was to build a Lego MOC!

Video here on my youtube channel!

Additional pictures here on my alt flickr page

Huge props to Lego 7 whose awesome figure design was appropriated for the Jeopardy crew!

Finally, check out the in depth article I wrote on BrickNerd!

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Doug Hughes

Hi everyone! I'm based in Seattle, am part of SeaLUG, and head to most of the major NW conventions. I'll build anything but my favorite themes are Castle and Space, as well as building anything that moves!