Aidan Bove

Lego Star Wars and the occasional military type beat. 253rd Legion builder and Octans Lug member. My parts collection is largely out of date pls send parts

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David Vaughan

I'm a LEGO builder who mostly builds Star Wars but will occasionally branch out into other themes. I post on YouTube, Instagram, and Flickr.


Not sure how I feel about you ‘Blockheads’ owning my pictures.


- TFOL - Star Wars moc builder (more to come) - Member of EmpireLUG and InfernoLUG - USA 🇺🇸

Eli Willsea

I build with Lego. :D

Jet Ochoa

FOL Friday founder.


Going to post my old ww2 scenes on here


Primarily Star Wars builder. Most of my builds are designed in first and I'm happy to share the files for free.


Joseph from Flickr and Insta!


SW is the usual

Ethan Tesone

Star Wars MOC builder - Member of EmpireLUG Started Oct. 2016

Andrew Johnson

Retired Builder

Gregory Bible

[ Member of EmpireLUG ] Star Wars & World War II Builder