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Grant Davis

I eat cheese slopes for breakfast.


New name, same content: I changed my name because DarthBricks was too generic for me. I'm an AFOL building, mostly Star Wars MOCs. I'm a member of RebelLUG and SwissLUG from 🇨🇭.

Eli Willsea

I build with Lego. :D

Jet Ochoa

FOL Friday founder.




Is this where the lego community at now?

Spencer Hubert

Member of RebelLUG, I also like to make videos about LEGO stuff

Luca S.

LEGO enthusiast from Germany. No instructions.

Graeme Straughn

Christian | American | EmpireLUG member | Student at The King's College | Living in Brooklyn


MOCs by Simon.

Benjamin Stenlund

I’m an AFOL from the upper Midwest of the United States. A stay-at-home dad to four kids, too. I like to build castles. And spaceships. And whatever my kids ask me to build. And whatever a contest says I should build. But mostly I like building.

John Klapheke

I'm John. Welcome to my BlockHeads page. Bio coming soon.



I run this here joint.