January 25, 2024

Rotagild Articulated All-Terrain Transport (AATT), "Gort"

Rotagild's AATT, nicknamed the "Gort" for unknown reasons by its users, is a heavy-duty off-road vehicle designed to traverse any terrain. Its four foot wide treads give it exceptionally low ground pressure, and since it's articulated, all four sets of treads can be driving the vehicle forward even when it needs to turn. The high carrying capacity enables it to deliver just about anything, anywhere.

This Gort is used by a civilian research program, investigated strange weather and earthquakes in zones where faults haven't been active for millions of years. A seismic probe has been attached to the side, and an old military weather radar installed on the cabin roof. It carries extra-large radio antennae to communicate with other vehicles across the vast distances of the Sawadi interior desert.

Cabin roof idea stolen from Sebastian's chunderbus.

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|| Apex || @The-Perfidious

firetruck red really does suit Gort

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