March 31, 2021

Bavarian Town

This is the project of a Bavarian town, a well-known geographical area of ​​Germany that I visited only during my photographic journey in the Black Forest several years ago. The inspiration base is the famous city of Rothenburg; as always I wanted to take inspiration but then re-inventing in my own way. This moc has required me a job of precision above all for the part of the road base. I wanted to create a pedestrian street with curves, inclinations and slopes. I built 6 buildings in all: two houses, a bakery, a toy store, a bar / brewery with the little square, the clock tower. For the bakery and the bar / brewery I also decided to make the furnishings that can be seen well because I left the usual sectioned walls to observe the interior of the houses. Speaking of numbers, the village has required me 6 months of work, based on 6 bases of 32 and is composed of about 13,700 pieces (of which 990 tiles are 1x2 LBG!). There are also 35 minifigs and, as usual in every my moc, some quite rare pieces.


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I am a LEGO Builder and a landscape photographer. I work as a programmer. As a LEGO builder I build a little bit of everything. My favorite themes are the Winter Village, Classic Space, Fantasy dioramas, and in general also city and medieval buildings.