March 14, 2021

Chocobo & Moogle BrickHeadz

My custom BrickHeadz figures for the adorable staples of the Final Fantasy universe: Chocobo and Moogle.


Mrs Foutch @Brickago

Your Chocobo is really cool and your Moogle is adorable! Funny coincidence: we've been working on a Final Fantasy project for the last couple of days. We're glad to know there are other FF fans out here. Great work!

Marty M. @BambooBricks

@Brickago thanks! I haven't played a FF game since... XIII? And I don't recall ever completing one, but there's something permanently endearing about these two guys. I had to.

I look forward to seeing your FF project when it's done!

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Marty M.

I'm a big fan of the weird and esoteric side of LEGO. I build everything from pop culture to nature to off-kilter Sci Fi to dozens and dozens of BrickHeadz.