January 20, 2021

Christmas Baubles - Batch 1

Now you may be thinking, it’s nearing the end of January why would you post Christmas Baubles now?! And the answer is that while all of these were finished before Christmas, it took quite a bit of time to get all the photos edited and compiled. Plus most of them are not exclusively Christmas themed.

You can blame Markus and Roguebricks for getting me hooked on building custom scenes for the LEGO baubles. Couldn’t stop making more… Second batch should be coming soon as there were too many to fit in one collage.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy them!

Lots more images with each scene in its bauble and alternate angles on Brickbuilt.


Geneva Durand @GenevaD

I love the temple on the second one, brilliant use of roller skates!

Graham Gidman @grahamthebuilder

Some great bits of building here.

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