December 15, 2020

Christmas on Hoth

It's Christmas on Hoth, so the Empire and the Rebels (and a Wampa!) have gathered to celebrate!

Hey everyone! I built this as an entry for a contest over on Lego Ideas. Most of this ended up being really rushed and built in a few days. I also ran out of quite a few of my bricks, so it's not quite as polished as I would prefer. That being said, I'm really happy with how it turned out! Of course as a castle builder I still managed to over texture the AT-AT, but hey, I tried. :D And I finally got to use my Power Functions lights in the hallways, but in the picture you can hardly see them unfortunately...

Thanks for looking, let me know what you think!

All glory to my Savior Jesus Christ! Carter


Gareth Gidman @garethbuilds

Great layout! I like mountain you put in the background!

ClickenBricks @ClickenBricks

This is such a cool moc! The side ways building on the floor, the star made of ninja throwing stars, and the lego rubber bands used for ribbon on the present under the tree. Great job! And keep up the good work!

Daniel @NightTimeBuilder

Dude this is sooo mega nice!!!

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Carter Witz

I'm a Christian 19 year old AFOL from central USA. I've been homeschooled all my life, and I'm from a large family. Most of my creations are either medieval or LotR. I hope you enjoy! Member of InnovaLUG God bless, Carter