December 17, 2020

Crash Landing on Mygeeto - part 2 (story in description)

We were escorting Senator Shariya, when a bomb went off on our C70 frigate, and we had to crash land on Mygeeto. Shariya was struck by shrapnel, and was heavily injured. Me and Chup (cc-4743) were the only survivors of the crash.

After we rushed out of the frigate, the whole thing exploded. We made it out alive, but we were beat up real good. Chup had a cut across his right leg, and I had a sharp pain in my arm. We were let off easy compared to Shariya though. She had a hole through her chest, that I could almost see through. I hadn’t looked at her wound before now, but as I saw it I had no doubt. She would not make it. I was right. I checked her pulse, and it was weak. A few minutes later it was completely gone. Me and Chup burried her in the snow, in the hopes that we could return and retrieve her after we got off the planet. Me and Chup scouted the area, and spotted a signal station in the distance. As we got closer, we saw that there were droids stationed around it. There was also someone sitting down by the station, a prisoner maybe. We got into position, and got ready to take the clankers out. We opened fire, and they dropped like flies. As we made our way down to the station, we were very surprised to see that the person sitting down was a fellow clone. A 501st pilot to be exact. He told us that he was captured when his Z-95 Headhunter was shot down during an air raid on separatist forces. We removed his handcuffs, and handed him one of the droid blasters. “Now the clankers know we’re here” Chup said. “I know, we have to get to safety in a hurry” I responded. I used my microbinoculars to scout the horizon, and saw that there was some kind of town in the distance. “Let’s go brothers” I said, and we began walking towards it.


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