April 19, 2021

Elm Ave

A very sketchy neighborhood I designed for San Brickardo, my new city. The main street, pictured here, is Elm Ave, and it borders the north of the division. Along this street is the 7th division police station, (formerly the modular police station), Next to that is an apartment building/electronics store. Next is the Elm Ave monorail station, which showcases my brand new monorail design. Out front of that is Frank's Hotdog cart, followed by a pharmacy and Elm Ave Center for the homeless and Mentally Ill, a rather large mean-looking place. Can't wait to design more of this city!


Mrs Foutch @Brickago

There are lots of interesting details in your city. Our favourite one is the modern day pirate that seems to have taken over the monorail. :)

Rescue 423 @SanBrickardo

@Brickago Thanks for your comment! Yeah, the hiring department got a little desperate for drivers, and when he came in with his crew they offered them all jobs. You should see more pirates operating other transit vehicles soon.

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Rescue 423

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