June 3, 2023

Ersatz Krvat-Class Cruiser

DKB 'Vojvotkinja Đanica', in her 290 PC livery.

Rudolf of Brožnan's fleet expansion plan of 269 demanded an increase in the size of the joint fleet in order to protect Brožno-Ostojican trade interests. This was primarily accomplished through the Trolle-class coastal defence ships, as Brožnan's naval foundries had little experience building ships-of-war. The Krvat-Class would follow, but consisted of only two ships, one of which was lost in a storm, the other converted into a gunnery training ship after her turbines gave out in a most magnificent fashion. In order to replace them, the Ersatz Krvats were commissioned in the late 280s.

Armed with four 20cm cannons in twin turrets, ten 10cm secondaries, and two triple-torpedo launchers, the Ersatz Krvat-Class was designed to be able to appropriately take on any potential incursions by the navies of House Montauban or Kingsbury, as well as interdict their trade in kind. The first of her class, 'Vojvotkinja Đanica' (Duchess Janica) herself, slipped off the Drydocks in the early days of August, 289 PC.

Based loosely on TZoli's Ersatz Zenta - revised 1916 design

Built for Divide & Conquer XS


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