December 4, 2020

Fantasy Micro Landscape for Lego Stores Stockholm

My part of my and Fullplate's collab for Lego Stores in Stockholm. As contesters in Lego Masters Sverige we had the opportunity to put our work in these boxes in Lego Store shelfs. So we build a micro fantasy landscape to fit the box 😁

I'm proud to say that Lego also posted this on their official Instagram account 😊👍#humblebrag 🤣


Gareth Gidman @garethbuilds

This is exceptionally well designed! Great microscale!

Peter Ilmrud @Zilmrud

Thanks! I'll post the whole build also. With Fullplates part also

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Peter Ilmrud

LEGO Master Sverige contestant 2020 AFOL from Sweden 🇸🇪 Builds fantasy and steampunk mostly Swebrick (Swe RLUG) = ZILMRUD Eurobricks = ZILMRUD