January 1, 2021

My intro:

This is a collab with Brickscape. Elneer the Dark Archer is his character. Thanks to Armon Russ for the render.

After they got off the shore of Kader, Albonzo and Elneer saw a watch tower with two guards.

Guards: "What brings you to the land of Kader?"

Albonzo: "We come to explore the land of Kader and meet an old friend of mine."

Elneer: "He is in the village of Mink. How do we get there?"

Guards: "You must travel north."

Albonzo: "That sounds easy, how far do we have to go?"

Guards: "When you enter the savanna, you have to ride about 30 miles to get to Mink. Also, the journey is long so you have to have a lot of water."

Elneer thanked the guards and they were on their way to Mink.


Armon Russ @armonruss

Nice landscaping and great round tower technique.

Goochar @goochar

Sorry for the ugly logo on the top right but it's permanent.

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