December 18, 2020

Fractured Kingdoms: Searching Sumarr

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Tried some middle eastern-styled architecture this month. The towers are built around steering wheels for whoever's curious.

Sumarr bustled with the sounds of a busy populace. It seemed more crowded than Revanna had been, though that was probably due to the influx of people leaving Hizrabel. Rumors were spreading that the city in the savanna wouldn't be safe now that Anti-Ethereans held it, and Annora had a feeling Karth would be right on top of it all.

Shading her eyes, she scanned the crowds for the familiar uniform of Kader's soldiers. But there were so many here and she still hadn't spotted her son after days of searching. She hoped he was well—and that he was still eating his greens. He was always a picky eater, that one.

Something made her spine tingle and she glanced behind her. Was someone watching her . . . ? Well, it was impossible to tell with so many in the streets. It must be her anxiety. He had to be here somewhere.

Clearly, wandering through the city wasn't working. She needed information. Approaching a captain may have been helpful, but she was afraid the Provider had proclaimed her an escaped convict, which she technically still was. Her description had probably been passed through every city in the kingdom. Maybe that was why she felt herself being watched.

Ignoring her growing unease, Annora led her horse further down the street.

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TalusMoonbreaker @TalusMoonbreaker

The stonework on this is fantastic and all of the architectural details are amazing.

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