December 24, 2020

Fractured Kingdoms: The Souk of Hizrabel

“Buy this! Only twenty copper!”, cried one merchant.

Another yelled, “Fresh bread! Fresh Bread! Buy it while it’s hot!”

The voices of the merchants and vendors added to hot, crowded lanes full of busy shoppers, and narrow streets lined with colorful shops and blankets which held the precious wares offered was what Amilisë and Mithnir saw when entering Hizrabel’s Souk. Nimue had sent them on the first ships out of Isloriel, laden with barrels of wine and baskets of fresh strawberries. They unloaded these first, and then went to check out the local markets. Mithnir was busy surveying the various products and wares, while Amilisë set her eyes on the food cart early on. Some interesting looking bottles caught his eyes and he haggled with the dark skinned merchant.

“I would like to buy that one”, he said, pointing to an orange bottle on the counter.

“No, no. These are rare. Too expensive. Hard to get.”

“I’ll pay”, Mithnir offered, pulling out a small, leather sack.

“Ah, I see”, the merchant replied,”I’ll sell it for twenty.”



“Thirteen ”

“Fine, I’ll give it to ya for fifteen.”

“Fifteen it is then”

Mithnir took the vile and handed over fifteen coins, which made the vendor happy and tell him to come again soon. Meanwhile, Amilisë was busy feasting on her delicious, fluffy pita bread, topped with fresh honey and butter. She looked at the vile in Mithnir’s hand.

“What’s that for?”

“You weren’t paying attention.”

“Of course not, but what’s it for?”

“You’ll know.”

“Ok”, she replied, while shrugging. Then she resumed to finish off the Kaderian delicacy.

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Armon Russ @armonruss

Love the atmosphere. It really feels like a busy street in Kader. ;) Great work!

TalusMoonbreaker @TalusMoonbreaker

Thx Armon! Atmosphere is always an important factor when building and I’m glad it worked here. FK is helping me improve in that regard. :)

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