December 20, 2020

Herbalist's Garden

As an aspiring herbalist, Sigrid used to find most of her ingredients in the forest that surrounded the village. But while gaining experience, she felt the need to grow her own garden. She needed to keep the most useful plants within easy reach - and also wanted to make experiments with flora that would not grow natively in the Mitgardian mountains.

In a few years, she had managed to gather many medicinal plants from Mitgardia, and to acclimate a few ones from Avalonia. And her graden kept growing : there were still so many plants to learn about!

This was my entry to the Eurobricks 2020 Flower Show and a freebuild for Mitgardia in the Guilds of Historica.

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TalusMoonbreaker @TalusMoonbreaker

Fantastic garden! All of the plants look super cute and the well design is cool.

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