January 22, 2022

Hiding place in the middle of nowhere

Here is my entry for the Rogues and Outlaws category of Brickscalibur.

An old warehouse repurposed by nefarious Wolfpack outlaws as their hideout. Perfect for storing loot and even better when they have to stay under the radar for a while after acquiring it.

It took approximately 2 months to design and build this funny building and I enjoyed every moment of it! There are no skipped corners regarding design and construction-wise here. Meaning it's a complete building and everything is connected to internal frames, angels parts via hinges, no illegal techniques, no flex tubes etc. Piece count is unknown but for sure it's ridiculous for such a small thing.

Model design is heavily inspired by an amazing model created by Tabletop World. You should definitely check them out and see all of the small wonders that the create.

Full gallery is available here


Graham Gidman @grahamthebuilder

Seriously amazing Castle build right here. 10/10!

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