July 13, 2021


Everyone's favorite caped crusader. While there are a lot of Batman BHZ out there, I don't think that anyone has used those wedge pieces for the "ears" on the cowl before.

Face design by NateFalslev.


Graham Gidman @grahamthebuilder

Looks great, especially the eyes.

Greyson @HistoryBricks

@grahamthebuilder Thank you! I can't take much credit for the face design (see description), but it was too good not to use.

Geneva Durand @GenevaD

The cheese slopes look brilliant as eyes. Love the binoculars and the hands sticking out on either side give it a neat flare.

Greyson @HistoryBricks

@GenevaD Thanks, Geneva! Although they’re not as “spiky” as they should be, minifig hands were about the best solution that I could think of for Batman’s gauntlets.

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