April 5, 2021

KDM Olfert Fischer, c. 1909

The KDM [ English: HDMS ] Olfert Fischer was one of three Herluf Trolle-Class Coastal Defence Ships commissioned for the Royal Danish Navy at the turn of the 19th century. Olfert Fischer was laid down at the Copenhagen Naval Yard on the 20th of October, 1900, and launched the 9th of May, 1903. She was ultimately armed with two 24cm (9.4") guns in single turrets, four 15cm(5.6") guns in casemate, ten 7.5cm guns, and two 3.7cm guns, as well as three 45cm torpedo-tubes. The torpedo tubes were all mounted underwater with one in the bow, and one on each side being roughly amidships. She sported 18cm(7") of armour on her turrets, and 20.3cm(8") on her main armour belt. She was stricken in October of 1936.

This model is based off of two pictures of the Olfert Fischer, and sports the livery given in said pictures; the date is presumptive, given that the Herluf Trolle has the same livery dated to 1903, whilst in 1903 the Olfert Fischer had an all-grey livery. However, there are subtle differences between the three ships of the class (Herluf Trolle and Peder Skram both have different layouts for the forwards spotting lights, and the Peder Skram has a different wheelhouse/conning tower configuration).

Thanks to @Awesome-o-saurus | Awesome-o-saurus [Flickr] for some suggestions, and to @Yodadud | Yodadud [Flickr] for giving me the perseverance to see this boat's construction on to the end.

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Geneva Durand @GenevaD

Great job, loving the amount of detail!

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