April 15, 2023

Larsonite Mechanized Brigade

Managed to fix the issues with both over-reflectivity of parts (reducing all parts' reflections by 10%, sorry Scrubs but I ain't paying for Mecabricks PreMEMEum) and the odd shader glitches with the road wheels on the T-44. Also, the tan-ish colour is the new slightly darker light tan (as used on the Dom Toretto minifig), I find it fits a little more cleanly with dark olive.

Meme image that's a few months old – formal classes in college end this week, then it's off to the 5 week work term and !!!FREEDOM!!! after that.


Greyson @HistoryBricks

Really nifty shaping on the T-44 turret with the round quarter tiles, and I like that you used the Speed Champions wheel inserts—lots of potential for those beyond cars, I think. Also, the cows are hilarious.

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