December 18, 2020

Levels of Coruscant

Hello there! It’s me Noah and to kick off my first post here on Blockheads, I’m sharing this Cyberpunk / Star Wars Underworld inspired build. Fits in perfectly with the recent release of the Cyberpunk game!

Many times I’ll say this is easily one of my top favorite builds I’ve made for its vibrant colors, action and style. This project took me between 4-5 days to complete not including a few hours of sketches I would make between class. It also includes some bits hinting at characters from the Star Wars universe as well as builders in the community. One subtle detail I enjoy looking back at is the Ninjago stickers used for the top black and white building. That touch of red just spices it up.

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Geneva Durand @GenevaD

I love how this has a clean, well-lit feel, but yet is still totally cyberpunk. Great work.

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