December 24, 2020

Middle Earth - Lond Daer

This city was the first permanent Númenorean establishement founded in the year 750 of the Second Age by Crown Prince Aldarion on the estuary of the river Gwathló. From here, Aldarion's 'Guild of Venturers' (with their ship Eämbar as their guildhouse) began harvesting the local timber for ship-building.

250 years later, Lond Daer is a thriving city and the Guild of Venturers is responsible for the largest shipbuilding industry in Middle-Earth. But this success comes at a price: the deforestation of the outlying regions, Enedwaith and Minhiriath, became cataclysmic, angering the native Dunlending population. Now war is imminent!

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Geneva Durand @GenevaD

I don't remember noticing those brick-built horses last time I saw this. Great job. And the water is still epic!

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