December 17, 2020

Order 37 on coruscant

Here is my participation for @imperial_builders_division 's Order 37 collab.

Order 37 was an order that allowed clones to use local populations as hostages to capture jedi survivors after order 66 was launched.

"Execute order 37.

Yes my lord "

A young jedi padawan was sent on a mission in Coruscant's underworld by her master. Order 66 was launched, and the 501st legion killed every Jedi at the Jedi Temple, including her master. When the clones realised she was missing, they went searching for her. In order to find her, they took civilians as hostages, following Order 37. But, having to stay hidden, she is forced to watch the clones taking civilians, powerless.

Hope you like the moc ! Go follow @imperial_builders_division to see the rest of the collab !

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Kieran @K_brick_mocs

Love the street detail right down to the spilled barrel, very nice.

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